We are Fire Protection systems specialists. With over 30 years of experience in fire detection and extinguishing systems, we work with a large network of manufacturers, OEM’s, dealers, suppliers, consultants across the globe. We are not only known for the delivery of exceptional quality, safety, and productivity but we also produce greater value to our customers.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System is the largest and most efficient form of the fire-fighting device one can ever rely on. Here are some frequently asked que

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Spray System

A Water Spray System is used to regulate the rapid spread of fire in a short period. They are an essential requirement in places like transf

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Foam System

Foam Firefighting System is a special automated fire protection system made for electrical or petroleum-based fires. These fires if dismisse

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Hydrant System

Firefighting Hydrant Systems are the most used in many residential and industrial projects. Being easily distinguished through its “Red” col

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Fire Extinguisher

These are quite known, and people identify them as red-colored cylinders located near doors. They come in varied sizes and types. Here are s

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Fire Alarm System

Fire Detection System / Fire Alarm System (FAS) is a wake-up alarm that gets activated either in industrial or residential spaces. Here are

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Gas Suppression System

Fire Protection Gas Suppression System or Automatic Fire Suppression System is relatively a new technology in India. It uses gas to extingui

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