We all get the importance of fire safety equipment in our premises.

Not all of us get the importance of maintaining them.

Fight against fire can turn unpleasant as it is not possible to predict when and where a fire may break out. It is essential for the firefighting equipment at your premises to be ready for action and work at its optimal best when the time comes. The only way to ensure this is by subscribing to a professionally managed maintenance service. This service makes sure the fire safety equipment on your premises is carefully looked after, cleaned, and serviced. It also ensures faulty parts are repaired or replaced on time, and the equipment functions at its best.

We are the vendor employing AMC on PAN India where we have deployed our manpower in many cities which will help to reduce turnaround time for any of your plants across India.

We are doing the AMC as per IS, NBC, NFPA, FM Global, GRC standards. We are aware about all kind of statutory requirements of Local CFO Fire officers.

We are also doing operations and maintenance of entire Plant / Industries by deploying the team of Fire supervisor, Fire Technician and helper as per the site requirements.

We have the tie up with all the leading OEMs in Fire protection and detection systems across the India. Our well experience team are capable to do all the tedious activities like

  • 1. Fire line rectifications
  • 3. B-check of Fire Diesel Engine
  • 5. Refilling of Fire Extinguishers
  • 7. Fulfilment of all the compliance
  • 2. Performance test of Pumps
  • 4. Programming of Fire alarm system
  • 6. Fire drill
Please get in touch with us for below requirement

AMC of Fire pumps

AMC of Fire Hydrant system

AMC of Deluge system

AMC of Fire Extinguisher

AMC of Public addressable system

AMC of CO2 flooding system

Supply of Fire man & Fire Marshal

AMC of Diesel Engine

AMC of Sprinkler system

AMC of MVWS and HVWS system

AMC of Fire alarm system

AMC of Gas suppression system

O&M of Entire Fire system