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Extinct Fire is specialised all the Fire Protection Systems available on the face of the Earth. We are one of the top Fire And Security Companies in India, having a rich experience when it comes to Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems. We have dealt with the top, Suppliers, Dealers, OEM’s, Consultant’s and Fire Fighting Equipment’s manufactures; in Mumbai and throughout India and abroad

Sprinkle System

Sprinklers have proven to be an important toolset for any fire prevention services in any project

Sprinklers are heat sensing devices pointed towards the floor which detects the rise

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Hydrant System

Fire Fighting Hydrant Systems are the most commonly used systems, in many residential and industrial projects

If you have ever seen a “Red” colour pipe, circulating around

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Foam System

Foam Systems are commonly used to control or extinguish the fire by prohibiting air and reducing the fuel.

They are essentially water systems with either air or nitrogen gas infused

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Spray System

Spray systems are largely used for fire protection of gas storage tanks or combustible fluids..

The spray systems are designed as per NPFA 15, IS 15105 and NBC 2016 guidelines.

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Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher is most important part of Fire Fighting equipment.

The Fire Extinguisher capacity, Size and application is as per NFPA 10 & IS 2190

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Fire Detection System in India or Fire Alarm Systems (FAS) are an early warning

system for industrial or residential complexes.

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Gas Supression System

Fire Protection Gas Suppression System or simply called as Automatic Fire Suppression System

is relatively a new technology in India.

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Public Addressable System

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system consisting of microphones

amplifiers, speakers, and related equipment to amplify

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Pump Room

Fire pumps are essential components of an industry or a building for the fire protection system.

Fire pumps are critical in distributing.

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