Foam System

Foam Systems are commonly used to control or extinguish the fire by prohibiting air and reducing the fuel.

The “foam” in foam fire suppression systems is an extinguishing agent that can extinguish flammable or combustible liquid by cooling and separating the ignition source from the surface. It can also prevent reignition.

In more technical terms, “It cuts of the fuel that the fire is consuming and prevent contact with oxygen and reduce combustion ability.”

The foam based system are designed as per NPFA 16 and other FM global, OISD and PESO Standards

There are three types of foaming agent that have varying characteristics like expansion rate i.e. low, medium, and high expansion systems

You’ll find foam suppression systems in large areas where there is a lot of flammable or combustible liquids processed or stored

The reason that this type of system is most commonly used in these applications is because of the widespread capabilities of foam to not only extinguish but also smother flames in a way that prevents reignition.

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