Gas Supression System


Gas Supression System

Fire Protection Gas Suppression System or simply called as Automatic Fire Suppression System (or Gas Suppression System), is relatively a new technology in India. Unlike conventional system that use water, in Gas Based Fire Suppression System; water is never used and yet the fire is extinguished. Here Gas is used to extinguish the fire in a short amount of time . Hence it is a Gas Based system. The fire gets extinguished, within a minute of activation and everything is automatic.

Gas suppression systems are able to combat fires automatically in sensitive areas where it is best to avoid using water. They protect life and can prevent costly water damage to equipment, saving you money. They work by releasing clean agent or inert gases into the building at the point of smoke detection

There are few different gases that we use in these systems: Novec 1230 (clean agent); Inergen (Inert gas IG541), a blend of nitrogen, argon and CO2; Argonite (inert gas IG55), a blend of argon and nitrogen.

Gas suppression is ideally suited in server rooms where other forms of firefighting may cause water damage or loss of data, or in electrical rooms where water would pose a risk to life. This means that your employees and assets are safe in all circumstances.

Extinct Fire Engineers provides comprehensive Gas Suppression System. Our services cover Supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of Gas Suppression System.

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The Gas suppression system are designed as per NPFA 2001 and other FM Global standards.